About Camphill

Camphill comprises of two accomodation options - Camphill Cottage and Camphill Homestead - each providing their own unique experience for your stay.

Above you can find links to each, with a more detailed description of what they include. 



Fern Tree Gully

Wollemi National Park (swimming, canoeing, birding)

Windemere Dam (swimming, fishing, waterskiing)



Breakfast Creek Road (walking distance)

Rylstone Common (5 minute drive)

Wollemi National Park (25 minute drive)



The Lue Enduro Bike Track hosts a venue of National renown just a 10 minute drive away.



Mudgee wineries and restaurants

Yum Cha at 29 nine 99 in Rylstone (authentic Cian dumplings)


If you want to stay in your zone, that’s your business - if you want to escape it - it’s ours.

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